Moriah Ellen, PhD
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Post-Doctoral Fellow, Program in Policy Decision-Making

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1280 Main St. West, CRL-209A
Hamilton, ON, Canada, L8S 4K1

Moriah Ellen, MBA, Ph.D., is currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow, and is studying under Dr. John Lavis. During her fellowship, Moriah is working on two main research projects; the first one is part of a larger group proposal within the KT Canada network and is focusing on determining research knowledge infrastructure for health systems. Moriah will also be working on a research project titled ‘Pushing Useful Science to Healthcare Managers and Policymakers.’ She will be focusing on obtaining feedback on three different elements: three existing summaries, an existing method to engaging managers and policymakers in rating the relevance of systematic reviews, and an existing data-collection instrument. Moriah’s primary research interests are knowledge transfer and exchange, organizational behaviour at the macro and meso levels within health care organizations, health human resources, and hospital efficiency and effectiveness. Dr. Ellen has consulted both nationally and internationally in the healthcare arena. Most recently, she completed several projects with the Ontario Ministry of Health and Long Term Care’s Health Strategy Division and with the World Health Organization’s Office of Nursing and Midwifery. Dr. Ellen holds an MBA with a double major in health services management and marketing from McMaster University and a PhD from the University of Toronto in the health management stream.