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Presentation Lavis JN. How to support the use of research evidence in health system policymaking. Sydney, NSW, Australia, 19 May 2010. May 19, 2010
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Presentation Lavis JN. Using the SUPPORT tools to build capacity in evidence-informed policymaking. World Health Organization, Geneva, Switzerland, 4 May 2010. May 4, 2010
Presentation Lavis JN. Supporting the use of research evidence in social care management and policymaking: Lessons from the health sector. London School of Economics / Social Care Institute for Excellence, London, England, 12 April 2010. April 12, 2010
Presentation Lavis JN. Practical pointers to finding and using research evidence to strengthen health systems: Learn from the EXTRA program CMA/CSPE Canadian Conference on Physician Leadership, Toronto, ON, Canada, 24 April 2010.
March 31, 2010
Presentation Lavis JN. Organizing and evaluating deliberative dialogues in Canada and elsewhere. Journées annuelles de santé publique, Montreal, QC, Canada, 12 March 2010. March 12, 2010
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Presentation Lavis JN. Supporting efforts to link research to action in health systems. CCGHR’s 1st Annual Global Health Research Learning Forum. Ottawa, ON, Canada, 25 October 2009. October 25, 2009