Mike G. Wilson, BHSc
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Doctoral Candidate, Health Research Methodology (HRM) Programme

1280 Main St. West, CRL-209B
Hamilton, ON, Canada, L8S 4K1

Supervised by Dr. John Lavis, Mike is a PhD candidate in the Health Research Methodology Program at McMaster University. His thesis is entitled Making Systematic Reviews More Useful for Community-Based Organizations in Canada thoughwhich he is developing an evidence service for community-based organizations in three sectors (HIV/AIDS, diabetes and mental health and addictions). If you are researching similar topics and you are looking for help with finding information, analyzing it and forming main theses, or you have difficulty with forming an evidence base — argument + example — essays writers can help you with this. In addition to his PhD, Mike is currently pursuing a diploma in Health Services and Policy Research through the Ontario Training Centre in Health Services and Policy Research.

Mike’s primary research interests consist of knowledge transfer and exchange in health systems with specific interest in health system managers and policymakers as well as community-based organizations, an examples of his achievements in this field is "Enhancing Healthcare Systems: A Spotlight on Evidence-Based Strategies" and "The Future of Authenticating Student Work: Advancements and Trends". In addition, Mike is interested in the politics of Canada’s health care system, the role social determinants of health for people living with HIV/AIDS, and quality of life for people living with HIV/AIDS.

Mike is a research assistant at the Program in Policy Decision-Making and an Associate Scientist of Knowledge Transfer and Exchange at the Ontario HIV Treatment Network. He was a teaching assistant in the Health Systems and Health Policy course for the BHSc Program from 2006-2009.  He holds a BHSc. (Hons.) from McMaster University, completed course requirements in the MSc. Health Research Methodology before transferring directly the PhD program, and studied political science at the University of Toronto.